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Back Aches? Try These 5 Natural Remedies!

January 14, 2017


Back pain is one of the most common health problems in the country. While most cases of back pain tend to be occasional, chronic cases can persists for weeks, months and even years.


The thought of being on multiple pain-killers just to get through the day makes many people rethink their pain management routine. Check out these 5 natural remedies to claim your back pain.



For centuries, yoga has been improving the health of millions of people across the world. The ancient practice emphasizes stretching, flexibility, and core-strength. Multiple studies have shown that in just a few classes, people with back pain have reported a great reduction in pain and a cutback in pain medications.


Strength Training

Strengthening your core is important for the prevention of back pain because it helps the body maintain good posture and stability. Popular core exercises include knees-to-chest exercises, hip abductors, and glute exercises.


Stress Reduction

Increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline, can lead your body into overdrive, causing it to get aroused – and not in a good way. Stress causes muscles to tighten, adding discomfort and pain everywhere. The best approach to pain management due to stress is to figure out what is stressing you out and find ways to minimize that.



Practicing mindfulness and calmness have been shown to reduce pain all over the body. Deep breathing, tranquility, and quietness can temporarily sooth the body of stress, pain, stiffness, and clear the mind of worry. Since meditation is less intense, it's a great option for everyone. 



This low impact exercise can be really therapeutic for people suffering from back pain. The moving of the limbs and stretching against the water help strengthen muscles, while easing the strain and inflammation in your back.


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