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5 Must-Know Tips To Slay Your Workouts

January 28, 2017



So you're ready to kick it up a notch? Good for you! Determination is the first step to sustaining a workout routine. It's great to constantly push yourself but pushing too hard too soon can lead to burnout or worst, an injury. Luckily, I've been in your shoes so here are my must-know tips to help you keep slaying it. 


1. Going too hard.




The number one mistake people make when they start working out again is going full intensity. It leads to quicker burnout and a drastically increased risk for injury. Instead, you should keep your effort level challenging but not grueling for at least the first month. This way you'll actually see bigger, better, faster results. 




2. Work out every other day. 




You'll be tempted to exercise every single day to form a habit, but it's actually better to exercise every other day. After a hard workout, your body needs time to repair its muscles and recharge. So it's a good idea to alternate hard days and easy days to ensure proper recovery. 




3. Don't skip the warmup.




To effectively prime you body, a warmup should consist of big movements like downward dog, body-weight squats, and jumping jacks. These exercises activate large muscle groups like your core and glutes, increase body temperature, and take your joints through a full range of motion. 




4. Get the right gear. 




Whatever workout you're doing, make sure you have the appropriate equipment. Running shoes wear out within three to six months, so if you feel any foot, ankle or knee pain, you're probably due for a new pair. Also let's not forget that as silly as this may sound, wearing new workout clothes can also give you a boost of motivation. 




5. For once, be an underachiever. 




Life doesn't always go like how we planned. A lot of people go all in and set extremely high expectations for themselves. When they fall short on those goals, they tend to get discouraged and eventually drop off. Setting achievable goals will help you feel more successful and encourage you to stay committed. 
























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