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How To Deal When You're A Coffee Addict

February 24, 2017


I'll be the first one to admit it... I'm a coffee addict. I love my morning ritual of making a cuppa and sipping it while reading the news. But like most things in life, it's good in moderation. That goes for coffee as well. A cup or two a day is not a big deal. It's when you get to the point of needing that morning cup like you need air, then it's becomes a problem. 


Coffee has its benefits and it can be pretty amazing for your brain, skin and body. However, there are also some bad things tied to the overconsumption of coffee. Too much caffeine will affect your hormonal function and increase your cortisol levels. It can disrupt your sleep schedule and even lead to insomnia.


If you think you have a coffee problem, here are some tips to help you deal... 

  1. Swap coffee for tea or other fun beverages. Drinks like green juice, kombucha, coconut water, and iced tea are all excellent alternatives that'l give you the energy boost you need.

  2. Order decaf. This is a no-brainer. Most coffee shops carry decaf options so give this a go if you're craving that coffee taste. 

  3. Try a no-caffeine alternative. There's this magical herbal tea called Teeccino. It roasts up and is served like coffee. 

  4. Drink more water. Staying hydrated will keep you from feeling hungry when you're actually just thirsty.

  5. Exercise. One of the best ways to conquer caffeine withdrawal is to sweat it out.


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