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How To Build A Minimal Closet

February 16, 2017


Having less gives you more. You gain more space, appreciation, and simplicity. And that’s what a lot of us are missing these days. If your current wardrobe no longer serves you, it’s time to let those pieces go. We know that it’s hard to let go, but you’ll seriously thank yourself for it later down the line.


Here's what you do:


1. Get rid of stuff you haven’t worn in a long time. You be the judge of what stays and what gets ditched. Trust your instincts if some things leave you unsure. If you’re like me, this is the hardest part but it’s absolutely necessary. Only after you make space can you rebuild.


2. Only buy things that you truly love. We shop for different reasons. Sometimes we buy things because we just feel like it. Pay attention to the quality and the fit. Ultimately, you want a wardrobe that makes you feel great.


3. Invest in holy grail garments i.e. a bomb(dot)com dress, your everything heels, etc. Basically a piece of clothing that’s too good to be true. It fits so well that it must have been designed just for you.


4. Forget about quantity. Think fewer but better. Minimize the amount of stuff you own. Stop crowding your space with a bunch of stuff you don’t ever wear. Only keep the crème de la crème.


5. You do you. Don’t be apologetic for your authenticity. If it feels right, then that’s all that matters.


Good luck!



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