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If You Buy Makeup At All, You Need to Try This Tool

February 27, 2017


Shopping for beauty and skincare online just got a lot easier on your wallet. Ready for your mind to be blown?


Here's the secret: Honey, a free browser add-on that automatically finds deals and coupon codes. Click here to download it to your browser. Then shop online as usual.

While you're shopping, you'll notice that the "h" icon turns orange, and a tiny number will pop up. That's the number of available coupon codes (!) that you can use to save.


It gets even better. At checkout, a box will pop up telling you exactly how many codes are compatible with your purchase— and at the click of a button, Honey will test all of them for you in the coupon code section to find you the best discount.



Amazing! Never waste time searching for coupon codes again. You have better things to do... like shopping with the money you just saved. 😉


You can get Honey for free HERE.



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