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Why You Should Add Goji Berries To Your Superfood Arsenal

March 6, 2017


Goji berries have been around for quite some time now, since about 200 BC. Native to the Himalayas, goji berries have been categorized as a potent tonic herb in traditional Chinese medicine. These little red berries are delicious in both fresh and dried forms. You can buy them at most health food markets including stores like Trader Joe's and Sprouts. They can be easily incorporated into your smoothies, acai bowls, oatmeals, and salads. 


Here are some legit reasons why you should add goji berries to your diet:


  1. They're loaded in antioxidants, which help to reverse free-radical damage. 

  2. They're excellent for anti-aging — with 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more iron than spinach, more vitamin C than an orange and the highest beta-carotene content of any food. 

  3. They are great for women's health, and may help regulate hormones, ease cramps and improve mood. 

  4. They improve eyesight. An original use for these berries was their ability to help improve vision.

  5. They're naturally anti-inflammatory. 

  6. They taste great and can be easily added into sweet and savory dishes. 





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